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Redwood Harbor Village RV Services

PLEASE NOTE: Redwood Harbor Village does not accept long-term tenants. The maximum length of stay is 90 days. Please refer to the rental agreement for complete terms and conditions.

RV and Camping Services Rates

ServicesFee Schedule
Pet Fees$10 per day per pet
Long term RV: $30 per pet, per 30 days
Additional PeopleNo charge for first 4 people.
$2 daily per each additional person after that.
$10 weekly per each additional person.
$30 monthly per each additional person.
Deposit1 night stay, upfront
$50 non-refundable
Cancellation Fee1 week in advance-Full refund
72 hours or less- 1 night or less if we are unable to fill spot
Washers$3.00 per load
Dryers$0.25 for 6 minutes
Soap$1 per box

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Redwood Harbor Village is Located at 159 Starfish Way, Crescent City, California 95531

For information or reservations, contact us at: (707) 388-0159, or email us here.

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